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Child Custody... in the child's best interest!

Child Custody

Who will get Custody? What is Shared Parenting?

When relationships end, the custody of the minor children of the relationship must be determined.  This is the most difficult aspect of divorce and family law.  The court will utilize factors enumerated in the Ohio Revised Code to determine what custodial arrangement is in the best interests of the minor child or children.  This is the most litigated issue in family law.

The importance of obtaining the representation of a firm that focuses on child custody is essential to successfully presenting your case.  Often negotiations can resolve this most delicate issue, but the stubbornness of the other parent often prohibits a fair settlement and requires a contested final hearing.

It is very important to have an attorney familiar with the Court that your case is before.  Contact our firm if your case is in Athens, Logan, or New Lexington, as well as other surrounding areas.

In contested child custody cases, a guardian ad litem, is often appointed to represent the best interests of the minor children.  The guardian ad litem is typically an attorney, that preforms an independent investigation to determine the best interests of the minor child or children of the relationship.  This will generally include visiting both parents and observing each respective parent's bond, parenting skills, and home environment.  It is essential to have quality representation to navigate the interactions with the guardian ad litem appointed in your case.  Ultimately, the guardian ad litem will submit to the court a recommendation of custody.

Shared Parenting is frequently an option in child custody cases.  Shared Parenting can take many forms, it is important to discuss all terms and the impact that each term will have upon your life.


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Attorney William W. Henderson

Attorney William W. Henderson focuses his practice on litigation, ranging from child custody, criminal defense to divorce and family law matters.  35 plus years of legal experience to resolve your legal matter in your favor.  Proudly having appeared in Logan, Athens and New Lexington Courts for years.

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Attorney Kyle C. Henderson

Attorney Kyle C. Henderson focuses his practice on litigation regarding divorce and family law matters, primarily child custody issues, as well as estate planning.  Attorney Kyle C. Henderson regularly practices in Athens, Logan, and New Lexington.

Having handled hundreds of family law cases, let Kyle put his experience to work to reach a creative solution or strategically examine a witness at trial.

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