Phil A. Henderson, Founder

The tradition of legal service of the Henderson Family began with Phil Arthur Henderson whom began the practice of law in 1921 in Hocking County, Ohio.  Phil Henderson attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate and then the Georgetown School of Law in Washington D.C.  Phil Henderson retains the distinction of being the youngest prosecuting attorney in the State of Ohio.

During the course of a long and noteworthy career, Phil Arthur Henderson, served as Hocking County Prosecutor, as City Solicitor of Logan, on the Board of Elections, Special Counsel to Ohio Attorney General Mark McElroy, and as Judge in the Hocking Common Pleas Court for twelve years.  The Ohio Senate, upon recognizing his fifty years of practice stated Phil Henderson set “a brilliant example for your colleagues by displaying a steadfast devotion to the basic precepts of justice and fairness and, at the same time, gaining the respect and admiration of all those who came before your bench.”

Phil Henderson’s involvement in public affairs was not limited to his service on the bench or as an advocate and member of the legal profession.  The Ohio Senate recognized that he “participated in the total growth and welfare of the community as an active member of the Moose and Elks, and as Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party of Hocking County.”  The Ohio Senate concluded, “We take great pride and much satisfaction in saluting you, Phil Arthur Henderson, a man who, for fifty years, has been a vital force in Hocking County, serving with honor and distinction in the legal profession and, in so doing, salute one of Ohio’s finest citizens and most eminent jurists.”

In addition to the zealous practice of law, Phil Henderson spent significant amounts of time in the Florida sunshine which he often thought of as his “second home.”

Admitted to Ohio Bar – 1921

Hocking County Prosecutor

City Solicitor of Logan, Ohio

Hocking County Common Pleas Judge

Chairman of Hocking County Democratic Party

Henderson & Henderson is a boutique law firm located in Southeastern Ohio with two office locations in Logan, Ohio and Athens, Ohio. We serve clients throughout Fairfield, Hocking, Athens, Perry, Vinton and Meigs Counties.

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